Why Custom Furniture?


Free standing or fitted, bespoke custom made furniture done well fits it niche like a glove and completes the space, respecting the character of the interior architecture.

We offer bespoke solutions facilitated by a design through partnership approach to ensure you get the piece of furniture that is exactly right for your needs. With our extensive selection of wood and paint finishes, contemporary and traditional styles, our custom made furniture provides solutions for your storage requirements and handsome pieces that add value to your space.

Alcove and entertainment cabinets housing hardware are professionally designed to efficiently organize screens, multiple audio/digital components and large media collections in one space, within one room, concealing unsightly wiring and giving a room a pleasing focal point while lending to a streamlined uncluttered ambience. See examples of free standing and fitted alcove and entertainment cabinets on our Living Space page.

Our home offices and studies are tailored to create a work space with the optimum level of comfort, style and functionality. Various examples of fitted or free-standing home office and bookcase designs can be viewed on our Home Office product portfolio page.

We understand how a well designed wardrobe will ensure an uncluttered relaxing haven. See examples of free standing and fitted wardrobes and other bedroom furniture on our Bedrooms page.

Our fitted radiator cabinets will make unsightly radiators disappear whilst improve the dispersal of heat into a room. Again a range of traditional and contemporary styles of radiator cabinets can be viewed in our product portfolio.

We offer a complete service from surveying and design through to installation, be it a specific requirement or a rough concept. Our experienced designers are dedicated to finding the right bespoke solution for you.

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